Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Review: Nasu by Jet Lupin

Nasu by Jet lupin
Novel: 273pgs

4 Pants Off

Blurb: Dinner, drinks, and dancing sounds like a fun night out, but not to Phil. His ideal way to spend a Friday evening is on the couch with his dog and some take out. When he finds himself away from home on his first night out in months, he gets more than he bargained for in the attention of a handsome stranger. He doesn’t usually entertain these kinds of pickups, but when he winds up saying yes instead of his usual no, he ends up with more than the guy’s phone number.

Breaking a long hiatus with a night on the town was what Shige thought he needed, but he wound up with so much more. He’s attracted to the one guy in the club who looked like he doesn’t want to be there, he can’t leave him alone. He wants more from their encounter than what he usually gets. But will fate, and his dangerous secret, let someone like him, have what even he won’t admit he craves?


Nasu Good Night Out

This is why I love reading, this is why I love reading in the m/m genre. Sometimes you just come across little gems by unknown authors and fall in love. Nasu even with all the editing and grammatical issues still delivered a wonderful paranormal story that had me transfixed. 

Phil is a nurse in need of some serious time off, but work distracts him from how very alone his life is but it will give him time to spend with his dog Hugo. When his close friend decides it time he gets a little r&r with a night out on the town. Clubs aren’t Phil’s thing but maybe a little drinking and partying will make him feel alive. While at the club he catches the attention of a very handsome stranger named Shige and for the first time in a long time Phil feels drawn to someone. Their attraction is instantaneous all that’s left is to seal deal. 

Well there a forces at work that Phil can’t comprehend. Shige while beautiful seems dangerous and strange occurrences keep interrupting whenever they get together. To Phil’s surprise he finds himself packed up and living at Shige's very beautiful home. His staff is weird, Shige himself is very weird, and maybe Phil has finally drunk the Kool-Aid because like them he’s starting to believe they might actually be vampires. Now he’s caught up in a world where others will hurt him to to get to Shige and he doesn’t know what is real anymore. 

First of all, really enjoyed reading this. There was never a moment where I wanted to stop, the characters are engaging and the world exciting. I fear though, not everyone will be forgiving as me for all the grammar stuff. I was so invested in the story I started to look past it. Phil and Shige are really engaging characters, and at times very sexy but I can’t quite tell you how sexy because shit always be interrupting them. It was super frustrating that two dudes couldn’t just get their love on.  

A series of complications continue that keep both Shige and Phil from ever achieving a more meaningful relationship. Phil spends most of his time wary, fearful, and lustful for Shige and Shige can’t quite accept that he might want more from Phil than just sex or blood. They are a complicated bunch but they both need something from each other. Being with Shige brings enemies and Phil is going to have to trust that Shige and his band of men in black are in it to protect him, and vampires- well that’s something to get use to. 

What a truly enjoyable story this was and with two POC characters its already a effin win. Cue the vamps, that are really authentic, nothing sparkly about their shit. I really can’t say there is even anything sexy about being a vamp in this book, it showed the harsh side of their reality and no romanticism about their lifestyle. Shige is powerful, other vamps hate that and they would stop at nothing to destroy him. Phil has his own little uniqueness and he is both a distraction and help to Shige, did I mention it was complicated? 

The total WTF-ry happened close to the end their and like Phil I thought I hit my head or was high or something. This surprise came out of nowhere and I’m wondering if I like it or if it completely destroyed the story (my bag is still open on that). 

Overall, a very nice read and I’m willing to read more from Jet Lupin. Even with all the editing stuff I had to keep reading and my hope is that this book gets really nice overhaul because it has the makeup to be something amazing. The book ended on HFN vibe, and I really want to see how Phil and Shige’s relationship could progress. There was nothing romantic about their involvement after awhile and feel like they deserve something good, and a nice long talk.  

Nasu- many meanings for this one but I’ll go with “unclean or negative” it just fits. 

Review: Taylor Maid by Tara Lain

Taylor Maid (Dreamspun Desires #5) by Tara Lain
Dreamspinner Press
Novel: 218pgs

4 Pants Off

Blurb: He'll marry the maid to get $50 million but a secret could queer the deal.

Taylor Fitzgerald needs a last-minute bride.

On the eve of his twenty-fifth birthday, the billionaire’s son discovers that despite being gay, he must marry a woman before midnight or lose a fifty-million-dollar inheritance. So he hightails it to Las Vegas… where he meets the beautiful maid Ally May.

There’s just one rather significant problem: Ally is actually Alessandro Macias, son of a tough Brazilian hotel magnate. But if Ally keeps pretending to be a girl for a little while longer, is there a chance they might discover this marriage is tailor-made?


Maid To Love You

I do believe this might be my fave book in the Dreamspun series so far. I found it cute as hell, and I love a man that dresses up just because he freaking can. This book had secret riches, a surprise dick, and two young dudes just falling in love. It was adorable!! 

Taylor Fitzgerald is on the cusp of his 25th birthday and looking forward to it because he will inherit 50 million that his grandfather left him. What he didn’t expect was that his inheritance came with a little extra something, he has to be married in order to receive the money. Just one day until his birthday and Taylor has to find a wife fast, only problem is that he’s very much gay and marrying a man won’t do. Taylor needs the money to do some good, so what’s a man to do when he needs a wife? He’ll have to pay someone to fill the role for a bit. 

With a plan to put into action Taylor makes his way to Vegas, but his plans don’t fall through and all he has left is to convince the pretty maid with the beautiful voice to accept his marriage proposal. Ally May is beautiful and Taylor is drawn to her which he can’t quite explain because he’s never been attracted to a woman, when Ally accepts the proposal and they get married everything seems to be falling into place. All that’s left is to convince the lawyers that this marriage is a love match, and to convince his dick that he isn’t attracted to women (his dick ain’t listening). 

Ally is enchanting and Taylor is very much under her spell. She’s beautiful, charming, intelligent, and sexy as hell and she has everyone believing their little charade. Taylor is very much close to getting his 50mil, but Ally’s surprise penis puts a dent in their plans and suddenly the attraction makes total sense. Can Taylor get his money's worth or is the future bleak for him and his wife now turned husband? Well Taylor is willing to go down with the ship and enjoy Ally’s company in the process because a search for a wife gave him the husband he never knew he needed. 

He cocked his head. “Truthfully, I’m a little nervous.” 
“Why?” “Maybe you won’t like me as a boy.” 
“Uh, excuse me, sir. Was that your ass I was just fucking?” 

Seriously, this book was fecking cute. There isn’t anything really plotty, and it’s not great but it is a feel good read. Tailor Made has that kiss the frog turn to a Prince vibe but with a twist (kiss the wife turn to a Prince). Throw in the asshole dad, the ever in your business lawyers, and the neat coming together ending and you have a nice well balanced read. For a moment there I thought they were going to not have the money and I almost cried, that would have upset me so much and I don’t even know why 😭 sometimes you gotta have the money for the kids. 

Overall, a sweet read with a happily ever after. Loved the concept of a man who isn’t afraid to dress up a little (well a whole lot in this case) there was even tucking. Taylor Maid was very sweet!!

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Review: The Lone Rancher by Andrew Grey

The Lone Rancher (Dreamspun Desires #4) by Andrew Grey 
Dreamspinner Press
Novella: 192pgs

2 Pants Off

Blurb:  He'll do anything to save the ranch, including baring it all.

Aubrey Klein is in real trouble—he needs some fast money to save the family ranch. His solution? A weekend job as a stripper at a club in Dallas. For two shows each Saturday, he is the star as The Lone Rancher.

It leads to at least one unexpected revelation: after a show, Garrett Lamston, an old friend from school, approaches the still-masked Aubrey to see about some extra fun… and Aubrey had no idea Garrett was gay. As the two men dodge their mothers’ attempts to set them up with girls, their friendship deepens, and one thing leads to another.

Aubrey know his life stretching between the ranch and the club is a house of cards. He just hopes he can keep it standing long enough to save the ranch and launch the life—and the love—he really hopes he can have.

The Lone Loser 

Well here I am again with an Andrew Grey book…for the life of me I can’t figure out why his books just don’t work for me. It might be the absolute sweetness, with a mild plot that is easily solved. Something always just doesn’t work for me, and The Lone Rancher just didn’t work for me. 

Aubrey Klein is just trying to make ends meet, for his parents and to save his ranch. His parents' have gotten themselves in a whole lot of debt and with their health declining it's up to him to bring everything back into the green. Ranch stuff alone isn't going to cut it so Aubrey has to take up a side job, and that side job is dancing as The Lone Ranger. Aubrey would rather not be doing this, but he’s damn good at it and the money is well needed. When a chance encounter with a long time friend leads to a realization that he’s not the only one hiding secrets. Some secrets can’t stay hidden for long. 

There’s Garrett and he’s just there. Of course it can’t be a romance without a love interest and Garrett is that love interest but for me he was just there like boring wallpaper. There were inconsistencies with his character, and his personality was like a leaf in the wind. So forgettable I had to go back to check his name. 

I don’t even know what to say apart from none of this worked for me. I didn’t like the dialogue, the overall premise was lukewarm, and the romance just didn’t have a good feel. I wanted to believe it and just couldn’t. The plotty device with Aubrey’s dancing was supposed to be the carry all for the story, but the big deal was made about it just didn’t ring true. Mans was just doing some dancing not running a prostitution ring, it was OTT. 

The family dynamic of the infantilism of their grown ass son and Aubrey just going along with it. Nothing irks me more than that shit, it’s not cute and it really bothered me through the entire book. I can understand the need for a smooth sailing romance, the need for happy and roses, but there’s a fine line between realistic and out of this world unbelievable.  

Overall, this one didn’t do anything for me. For this one I think I’m going to have bring back my SSDB (Same Shit Different Book) though it pains me to do so. That’s my feeling right now, The Lone Ranger was a A Lone Loser for me.

FYI- I cannot stand this cover. Hate it!!

Review: Winter Cowboy by R.J. Scott

Winter Cowboy ( Whisper Ridge, Wyoming #1) by R.J. Scott
Amazon, Kobo

4 Pants Off

Blurb: Micah Lennox left Whisper Ridge after promising the man he loved that he would never return. But the only way he knows to keep his pregnant sister and nephew safe is to go home. Spending winter in Wyoming opens too many old wounds, but he's on the run from justice which can't be far behind, and this is his last chance at redemption.

After a hostage situation leaves Doctor Daniel Sheridan struggling with PTSD, he returns to Whisper Ridge. Joining his dad in family practice is a balm to soothe his exhausted soul, and somehow, he finds a peace he can live with. That is until he meets Micah in a frozen graveyard, and the years of anger and feelings of betrayal boiling inside him, erupt.

Two broken men fight and scratch for their lives and that of their families, and somehow, in the middle of it all, they find each other.

Is it possible that love can be rekindled and become a forever to believe in?

The Winter Blues

The rating for this book (4 Pants Off) 

How this book made me rage (Fucking Priceless) 

I really enjoyed reading this but my enjoyment is minor in compare to my rage. Winter Cowboy had me feeling all depressed and what seems to be my M.O from this year, being pissed at small town people and their hating ass selves. I was just sooo…pissed and that ending did nothing to alleviate my ire. 

Micah Lennox has had his fair share of pain after leaving the only home he’s ever known. An accident that happened as a teen has shaped his entire life, its left him broken and consumed by guilt. When he gets a call from his sister he knows that she’s in trouble and he never got to be the big brother she deserved in the past. His rescue mission turns into something you’d only ever see in the movies, and he now has to protect his very traumatized very pregnant sister, his traumatized and abused nephew. The option available is to go home back to his ranch, back to the place where the people hate him, where his first love hates him, and where he caused the death of a boy.

Dr Daniel Sheridan has dealt with his fair share of pain and guilt. He’s also dealing with PTSD and anxiety after being held gunpoint and watching a friend get killed. He’s barely hanging on by a thread and he just wants everyone to leave him alone but family can really be pain in the ass. When he hears that Micah is back in town his already fragile temper is near bursting and when he sees Micah in his sights his dam finally breaks. Micah gets him going and brings him to life, but he can’t forgive or forget but what Micah meant to him is like a tattoo on his heart. 

Micah and Daniel, they have some stuff to work on and finally get rid of their anger and guilt. There are glimpses into their budding romance as young men and then how it all came crashing down. My initial reaction to all hate on Micah was that he was drunk perhaps, and did something awful but when the truth finally came to light all I was left with is a “are u freaking serious”. This whole goddamn town persecuted a boy over an accident. I was in so much rage mode, I don’t know if I enjoyed the story after finding out and I’m still on the fence about whether Daniel deserves Micah or if their relationship is a good thing because it's based on so much awful. 

Micah is a character I really enjoyed. He’s loyal, caring, sensitive, and strong. He’s been through some things and could have remained bitter, but he stepped up when his sister needed him and was willing to put his entire life on the line to make sure she was safe. Daniel, is a whole other ball game. I understand that he has been through something traumatic but the way he was so very dismissive of Micah and then went ahead and lied which made an already bad situation worse, I’m just not here for him. He was mister doom and gloom and a freaking liar that lies under oath (like perjury dude…you weren’t thinking about that). Together…I’m not sure about their relationship or if I buy them as a couple. There are feelings there but its surrounded by young love, heartache, and pain. They aren’t even properly a couple yet but they need couples therapy.  

Overall, a solid angst ridden story by R.J Scott. I’m a fan of the authors writing flow, and a way with writing stories I will remember. While I didn’t love everything, I enjoyed a majority of the story telling. Sprinkled with the right amount of angst and enough drama to keep you entertained, all fans R.J Scott will surely be delighted by this offering. The classic I’m hating you right now but will be loving you soon trope.  

SideNote- Seriously though, this year has been a time of hating ass small town folks who can hold a grudge like nobody’s business.
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